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My name is Alicia, 

I am currently a stay at home mom of two wonderful children. My husband (Stephen) is an engineer and the one that really brings my crazy ideas to life!

It all started with a sewing trip to my aunts. She has a 1948 Singer Featherweight that I had the privilege to sew on. That is all it took- within the next couple of days I purchased and drove a round trip to pick up my 1939 - "Clickety."  Stephen replaced the foot pedal cord and I remember him saying "do you want to keep the original parts? If I know you, and I think I do- you want me to" I looked at him and said "can you?" And he did- the cord was replaced with all of the original 1939 parts intact.

I love the look and feel of these machines and how much history is in each one. The era in which these featherweights were produced our country had so much going on (depression, war, advancements in technology).  They really do house so much history and not to mention they are great machines that are still motoring on!! I often find myself wondering about the history of each machine I come in contact with, each and every one has a different story. Now-a-days building things to last is unheard of, but here are these machines powering away 88 some years later. Wonderful for quilting, piecing, and perfect for travel.

It is my hope to offer you services to allow your Featherweight to keep up with all of your sewing adventures.  If you are in the market, I would love to assist you in shopping for your very own Featherweight machine for a small fee. I would be more than happy to waive that fee for you if you purchase a machine that we help you find, and you decide that you would like us to service that machine for you. When purchasing a machine offline, it is rare to find a seller that knows that complete history of their Featherweight. By sending the machine for us to service, we want you to know that you are getting a Featherweight that has been well looked over, tested and is ready to go once it hits your door. It is our promise to offer you the best service that we can. We take a personal approach, and we like to build relationships with our clients and friends.

I am also excited to extend our love for sewing in additional services such as fabrics, kits, classes, and at some point- long arm quilting.

We are glad to have you here!

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