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Macaw Teal - Color Builder

Macaw Teal - Color Builder

SKU: AC40CP3-008

This is one of my personal favorites from the 40wt Color Builders collection. The builder includes 3 large spools of a warm, medium, and dark.  These colors represent the Blue Throated Macaw, there are only around 50-249 left in the wild. 


The Endangered Species collection was created to bring awarness to 12 specific animals who are in need of attention and advocacy and to increase Aurfil's goal of "sustainability and postive environmental impact" and to "...dedicate(ed) to highlighting their stories, helping to create valuable change via awareness and fundraising". 


Aurifil has also partnered with Earth League International to help make this change possible, know with each purchase of these collections you are helping to achieve that goal. 


Colors Included:

2835, 1148, 4093


Needle Recommendations per company website: 

~80/12 Microtex/ Sharp, Universal, or Denim needle (40wt or 50wt in the bobbin)

~90/14 or 75/11 Quilting Needle (40wt or 50wt in the bobbin)

~3.5 or 4.0 Longarm Quilting Needle (50wt in the bobbin) 



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