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Applying for that Wholesale

When you set out to make your dreams come true, or even just to take that leap of faith to start something new... there is often the feeling of being super overwhelmed by it all. This is my current feelings at the moment. Featherweight 38 has so much potential and I have so many ideas but sometimes I can get way head of myself. Sometimes I lock up and feel the pressure of being unable to move. I think that is honestly something everyone at some point in their lives will face. You come to these crossroads and there are two ways to go... right or left, north or south, movement or stagnant. I choose to move, to turn to the right, to walk straight, but I kept moving.

We applied for that wholesale account the other day... and I have a lot of ideas and even if I am a small bit overwhelmed, I know I moved forward. And with the leap of faith this time next year we will be going places we never dreamed. (Well actually everything we have dreamed)

So here is to a bright beginning and new fabric, ohh and more fun coming your way with some of my favorite vintage machines.

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