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Gem Stones and Pineapples

I mean who doesn't love a bright colored Pineapple? Last time I blogged, I was practicing using the Creative Grids Pineapple Trim Tool Ruler.... well tada!!! Yep, it's still in the making, but I couldn't be more pleased with the colors, AND how EASY the ruler was to use. I wanted to be able to offer this ruler here on the site, so Featherweight 38 has joined another account to be able to showcase this wonderful tool...and did I mention.. it was .... EASY!! I was so inspired by the ease that we are going to have a presale of the Gem Stone Fabric AND we are going to do a pineapple class =) =) =)

Let's talk about some of the Gem Stone Fabrics here and Ill go a little more into detail of the preorder. *Please note you will have to like and follow us on Featherweight38 LLC Facebook page as the preorder will be offered there currently*

The Gem Stone Fabric was created by Gerri Robinson of Planted Seed Designs for Riley Blake. I just love her and well when I saw her Blog of the Pineapple, I just had to do it myself. These colors are like nothing I have ever seen before.

So many different ways to manipulate the fabric to create the most unique and striking block. The blocks and fabric above are the Violets and Blue Print. It was one of my personal favorites. For the Preorder, we will post pictures such as the one above, with descriptions of the fabric, name of the fabric and price per 1yd (though it will be available for 1/2yd as well) Depending on how much interest there is in the different colors will depend on which ones we will order. However, I did already preorder the Pretty Flamingo (very center block), Violets and Blue, Bahama Blue (the blueish green block) and Blizzard Blue (the block with the bold colors of blue and purple.) I am really excited for this preorder and class!! I have so many ideas to share...

I didn't buy all the colors of the rainbow that are available in this collection for this quilt, rather I selected variants based on the colors that I truly love. I decided I wanted to have the quilt start with darker shades and then circle its way to the bright and bold of the center. Oh and I also am working on how I want to do my border. I have two different ideas, more on that later. =)

Stay tuned because we will update once this is all finished! Until now- see ya later <3 Alicia

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