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Creative Grids USA Pineapple Trim Tool

I am really excited to try out and review what I believe is a game changer in terms of quilting fun! I have never made this block before and I will also say that many who have promoted the Pineapple block place a disclaimer on there; "confident quilter." I am always up for a challenge but I won't lie, using tools that can really make this challenge- easier, quicker, more accurate. I am all for it. I bought the Pineapple Trim Tool because I saw it promoted Planted Seed Designs website, she has a quilt kit in some of the most gorgeous Gem Stone fabric and I just had to have it. While I awaited the Gem Stone Fabric to arrive, I quickly went to my stash and pulled out some of my favorite fat quarters that I bought a few years ago. I also purchased a pattern for a cute little tote and well if you know me, you know I do not follow a pattern to save my life. So I decided to practice the pineapple and make this tote my way using these beautiful 1800 inspired fabric <3 I am in love with how well these colors blend together.

This tool comes with a easy to follow sheet that makes this ruler so user friendly. The ruler itself comes in a mini size and the one I bought for this project, it will make a 6" 8" or 10" block. I highly recommend this ruler and I am super excited to challenge myself even further when I start the pineapple quilt with the Gem Stone Fabric- don't worry I will blog more about that. I just wanted to post quickly on how fun little block was that I made in an afternoon.

Until then Featherweight38 friends. Take care and thanks for reading. Oh and check out our Facebook page where we will be doing a in-depth review of the ruler and showcase sewing our blocks!

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