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I think it is safe to say the website is a work in progress. We are still figuring out the ins and outs of expanding our business. We started Featherweight 38 on a business page on facebook. I had bought a few machines on Ebay and decided that well... if I was going to resell a restored Featherweight, then I wanted people to know just exactly what went into the machine and what they were paying for. It was in my opinion the best way to provide customer service and honestly a sense of community and friendship. That is exactly what it is today. I have met and maintained some of the most wonderful friendships it makes my heart full and honestly makes all of this so much more fun. I really want to expand Featherweight 38 into additional things that I love such as buying fabric, making quilt tops and other odds and ends, and I really want to offer longarm services to people. As we begin to transition into these other areas this website will have additional items added to it. This is the 1st year as an LLC and offerings that it might take some time for me to get the hang on it all. So please stay with me and I promise we will get there. Until then- thank you for the on going support

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